The AZ Senate Education Committee gave a due pass to a bill in February that would appropriate $5M to expand TFA from the 300 we currently have in the state to about 500. Why not just use the money to help our teaching professionals do their jobs better? TFA does not have a record of generally outperforming regular teachers, that is another myth the reformers are perputating.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Julian Vasquez Heilig, a scholar of education at the University of Texas, has noticed an interesting phenomenon: A growing number of TFA alumni are contradicting the company line. They know how hard the work is. They discover they are miracle-workers and they are not going to close the achievement gap. They don’t like being used to sell a false narrative. One even said it was time for TFA to close down.

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, bloggers are asking why TFA wants the state to pay $5 million for their teachers, on top of a payment of $3,000 per teacher, each of whom will get a full salary. The question becomes pointed because TFA is rolling in hundreds of millions of dough while Louisiana’s public schools are under-funded.

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