Have you been feeling like the world is a little out of control?  Like people don’t understand each other anymore and that compromise is a dirty word?  That’s how we often feel, but we are also optimistic because good people continue to care and get involved.

A few good people however, will not be enough to turn things around.  Everyone of us needs to wake up and shake up.  The time to complain is over.  The time to act is now.  We all can do something to contribute to RESTORE REASON by empowering and having rational discussions.  We will begin to heal our country only when we can begin to talk and listen to each other again. We hope you’ll join us!

This blog primarily advocates for public (that is district community schools governed by locally elected boards), but we occasionally address other issues as well. Please note that the owners of this blog represent their own opinions, and not that of any organizations to whom they belong.

Linda Lyon is the blog owner. She is a member of the Oracle School District Governing Board and President of the Arizona School Boards Association. But,  her posts on this blog do NOT represent the viewpoints of either of these organizations, only her own opinions as a private citizen.


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