ACA not perfect, but is a step forward


RE: the Nov14 letter to the editor “Fast forward to impeachment.”

With respect to the retired USAF colonel, since when is a poor choice of words an impeachable offense, and why are you so worried about it? Your outrage should be focused at the insurance companies who sold these junk policies to begin with, or maybe we should just thank them for forcing more people into the Affordable Care Act.

Beginning in January, and for decades into the future, people will have transparent options that really can’t be taken away, and the additional clients will keep costs down. Why so much fighting over something that isn’t perfect, but is a positive step forward?

We should be screaming at Congress to make it even better. Upon hearing a positive ACA experience from a neighbor at a SaddleBrooke forum recently, one lady said, “You should be pushed over a cliff.” We’re all Americans here. Let’s get a grip!