Former Lt. Gov. Ratliff of Texas Joins the Honor Roll

OMG!!! This speech could SOOOO have been given in Arizona as well.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Ratliff has spoken out loud and clear for the 5 million children in public schools in Texas. He knows the state cut the budget way too much. He knows that the state must put its money into improving education–not by “throwing money” at it–but by doing the right things.

And he knows that the Legislature will be moved when they start hearing from angry Mamas. They are hearing from those Mamas. And they are backing away from the strange idea that they can cut teachers and fund testing.

I place Mr. Ratliff’s name on the honor roll as a champion of public education. Read the speech below, and you will see that he is looking out for the children of Texas, who need strong protectors like him.

Here is a speech he gave a few weeks ago. I am happy to post it here:


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