Entitled to his opinions, but not his own facts

RE:  Tea-Party Republicans are not a fringe.

The writer is entitled to his opinions, but not his own facts.  He claims “tea-party fringe Republicans” comprise a majority in the House of Representatives.  As of January 2013, there were 49 members of the Tea Party Caucus in the House.  That’s 11.26%, NOT a majority.  He also claims they represent a majority of the American people. [i] A September 2013 Gallup poll found (with Independents indicating which way they “lean”), 41% identified as Republicans and 47% as Democrats.  Given that, that there is no way Tea Party Republicans represent the majority of Americans.[ii]  

I am incredibly tired of people vocalizing their discontent when they have no idea what they are talking about.  The government shutdown is not a protest of the people, by the people, for the people.  It is a desperate political ploy intended to subvert the will of MOST Americans and hold our economy hostage at the expense of all Americans. 

[i] En.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tea_Party_Caucus


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