Trickle-Down Bills

In a recent op-ed in our local paper, two local education experts wrote, “classroom spending has taken a hit” because the state Legislature “slashed funding” while “adding unfunded mandates.”

Insufficient funding, NOT improper management, is why school districts are asking voters for locally controlled funding via overrides and bonds. Arizona Legislators brag about balancing the budget, without mentioning they did it on the backs of our children.

Over half-a-million students have never had the opportunity to learn in a classroom funded in the manner voters intended when they passed Prop 301 in 2000. No, money alone won’t make our schools great. But, are great teachers, small class sizes, and a complete curriculum really something we can’t afford?

Arizona has led the nation in cuts to per pupil spending. Does that sound like a recipe for success? It’s time politicians obey the courts and will of the people. It’s time to invest in Arizona’s future.


One thought on “Trickle-Down Bills

  1. I will go out on a limb and suggest the problem is “inclusion”. What efforts are advanced to bring more people into school board meetings? How many parents are engaged and actually involved with board activities? Teachers and administrators watch what is taking place at board meetings, How much of the community not on an education payrolls have ever attended even ONE board meeting. What efforts can the board use to reach out into the community and engage them. Start with publicity for each meeting. Flyers sent home to notify and welcome people to board meetings. Regular reports and memberships in service clubs and involve Church leaders in board meetings. Unless interest is expanded you risk the election of Board Members with personal agenda not necessarily with education in mind. Public education is just that, public. Get the public engaged take some lessons from some church outreach and recruitment.

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