RE: Dem’s criticism of AZ schools called harmful

Wow! Is AZ Senate President Andy Biggs for real? He says the state is now spending more on education than it ever has, but fails to mention that 3 percent increase amounts to 13 percent less because of inflation. He claims AZ provides “a good education,” even though we are ranked 46th in the nation.

He does acknowledge that education “is the first and most legitimate function of government”, but then says the Legislature has lived up to the extent possible given the recession and drop in state revenue.”

Sorry, but you don’t get to have it both ways Andy! Your words make education a “must fund” expense. If education is the first and most legitimate, then it should be fully funded first before other priorities. If there is insufficient revenue to ensure that is possible, then revenue must be raised via any/all means available.

Of course you have not only vowed to not raise taxes, but you and your buddies have repeatedly lowered corporate taxes, many of which haven’t even kicked in yet.


2 thoughts on “RE: Dem’s criticism of AZ schools called harmful

  1. The usual from the political leadership in Phoenix. The recession and dropping state revenues. No mention of why state revenues are dropping. Try pointing out the revenue given to select corporate interests that fund the GOP and fill their candidates pockets with donations. Point out the favored wealthy school districts millions in tax credits for the few that already have money to throw around. What is really sick is the Democrats lack political leadership and are rolled every election.
    When will the Democrats take advantage of their superior position with the voters on issue after issue? Look inward Democrats.

  2. Hi Harvey. Agree with you entirely! I don’t understand why the Dems can’t get their act together. It seems like they TOTALLY have the most sellable message. I guess the problem is the corporate-owned media machine???

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