Plenty of Challenges in Schools Today

I agree the real problem with students being unready for college “starts long before high school.” Not though, with the premise that today’s school day emphasis is not stimulating and challenging. As a school board member, I can attest to the challenges our students, teachers and staff face every single day.

From increased standards, to excessive testing, to underfunding of districts, to the critical shortage of teachers, there is plenty of challenge in schools. As for the assertion that neglecting homework in favor of after school activities is bad, a 2013 study published in the Journal of Experimental Education found too much homework has negative effects on well-being and behavior and the negative effects can extend outside of school, including family, friends, and other activities.[i]

“Cultural mindset” is part of the problem, but it is that of our populace not being engaged enough elect those who truly care about our community public schools, and the 83% of AZ students they nurture.