Linda Lyon: Why Our Public Schools Matter

If you believe in REAL fiscal responsibility, where we get what we pay for, watch this quick video about school privatization and then share it far and wide.

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Linda Lyon is the president of the Arizona School Boards Association. She is a retired officer in the U.S. Air Force. She served her country in the military and continues to serve it by her participation in defense of public schools.

Colonel Lyon made this stirring video about democracy and public education. It is short and powerful. Please watch and share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Show it to your PTA, the school board, the town council, the League of Women Voters, and every other group committed to strengthening the common good.

This video was sponsored by the Network for Public Education and produced, directed, and edited by Michael Elliott, a professional cinematigher

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4 thoughts on “Linda Lyon: Why Our Public Schools Matter

  1. So happy to read your memos–but am wanting to know something of the legal structure for curriculum selection/implementation. Do the “choice” schools get to choose their own version of American History – etc>? I believe what is taught is SO important.

    • Hi Claudette. Private schools get to offer whatever they want without any transparency or accountability for academic achievement or tax dollars spent. Charter schools have more leeway in setting their curriculum than district schools. Only district schools have locally elected school board members that must follow the open meeting laws in their process of deliberation to allow the public to participate.

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