5 thoughts on “Tom Horne Wants Cops, Not Counselors in AZ Schools

      • You bet. We’ve returned to Nebraska for our final years to be near doctors and family. NE is a bit behind AZ in passing legislation to grant tax remittance to those who invest in educational scholarships, but its on the list of legislatvie bills again and this year, with a more far right legislature, it could happen.
        Thanks for the updates. I cannot believe that dinosaur Tom Horne is back. EGADS! He should be in the dust bin of history!

  1. Excellent article, Linda, and right on. Tom Horne is in a position to help schools and kids, but is wedded to his racist and right-wing demagoguery. Kids deserve help, not law enforcement in their classrooms. Oracle used to have a reputation for sending kids to the county prison in Florence for disciplinary offenses, and there used to be a joke there about the annual field trip to Florence was so the kids could see their daddies. Your article is informed and pertinent to what is really needed.

    Boyd Bosma

    • Thanks for the read Boyd. The Oracle School District no longer has that reputation. We are several years into employing PBIS which helps us set standards and expectations for our students and ensure even application across the Mt. Vista campus. This helps ensure our students are in the classroom learning.

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