Vouchers aren’t the solution!

Trash, by any other name, still stinks!

Trash, by any other name, still stinks!


5 thoughts on “Vouchers aren’t the solution!

      • DISGUSTED I have never seen such a crop of weeds in my many years in close relationship to state legislatures. One hand washes another and they sure need to wash their hands, they are hiding together not facing facts. They are destroying education at all levels in Arizona. The voters need to wake up and start pulling them out by their roots. A start would be the three in LD 11, never have such far out of touch and out of their trees individuals been given positions of power in state government. There is a big difference between “dishonest/crooks” and “ignorant/stupid” which my opinion best describes Arizona’s Legislature. Over abundance of backward, know nothing people working together to destroy REAL public education in this state. Instead of yelling throw her in jail, the battle cry should be throw them out. Where are the smarts?

  1. Disgusted is a good word to describe how we all should feel about our LD11 lawmakers. The voters have to quit being so lazy and start caring about more than what letter is after a candidate’s name!

    • OH MY! Is all that matters, the “letter” after a candidate’s name? With all the retired folks living and voting in Arizona no wonder. They associate “R” as one of their own. Seriously, Democrats candidates, elected officials and party leaders need to get out of their comfort zones and reach out to more voters. Service clubs, business organizations, churches, go beyond the usual singing groups. I guarantee you churches won’t fall down the minute a nonpracticing Democrat enters. People need to be exposed to Democrats in the flesh! You are reaching out with your message on education, there has to be people outside education and political action groups that need more exposure to the message on what is in my opinion WRONG with education in Arizona. If something isn’t WRONG why by most standards Arizona schools so poorly rated in comparison to other states?

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