Angry About the Apathy

Ever since election day, I’ve been very frustrated about the low voter turnout. After working very hard on two state legislative campaigns for the better part of a year, it is very disheartening to see how few people really care.  This is somewhat understandable when times are good. But how can the average Arizonan be happy with our current state of affairs?

I have to believe people voted or not based on their perceptions of who can deliver a better result.  “Perceptions” is the key word here.  I just have to say that the Regressives may have their own opinions, but they don’t get to have their own facts. Let’s just take a look at a few the myths they work hard to make us believe:

1. Trickle down hasn’t worked and doesn’t work.  The stats are clear, we have the biggest divide between the rich and poor we’ve ever seen.

2. Today’s wealthiest aren’t by and large job creators.   Hedge fund managers don’t contribute to our country’s economic well-being the way Henry Ford did.

3.  Charter schools and private school vouchers aren’t for the disadvantage children.  The vast majority of them won’t be able to go to them.

4.  Tax cutting our way to success just won’t work. Kansas anyone?

5.  The economy is recovering, but not for the average American and not at the pace it should.  With the wealthiest 40 Americans having more wealth than the bottom half of our population, the few richest just can’t buy enough houses, cars and appliances to move our economic engine forward.

We’ve all heard the saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”  Sounds like the AZ legislature in recent years.

But, I place the real blame for our current state of affairs on all those people who didn’t vote.  Many of these same people have the most reason to vote because they are most adversely affected by the trickle down philosophy the Regressives continue to push.  How anyone can believe voting can’t make a difference is beyond me.  Just think if Ron Barber had been successful in convincing only 167 more Democrats in two counties to get up off their butts and vote for him.

Yes, money in politics has always been an issue and now is a very mega major player in our electoral system.  At the end of the day though, each voter owns their own vote to use how they see fit.  If the rich and powerful exert undue influence on any of us, it is our own fault.






2 thoughts on “Angry About the Apathy

  1. Perhaps some of us have the wrong attitude. Inspite of attempts to put roadblocks and make it difficult to vote, people have the right not to vote on their own. Have some of us politically active short changed ourselves in expecting our fellow citizens to have excitement about our brand of progressive government when we limit ourselves.

    Statement from Robert Graham, Az GOP State Chair:
    “Democrats had an underwhelming primary. Untested candidates means an unenthusiastic electorate. Even the media had little to report during the Democrats’ process of secretly hand-picking nominees, and no publicity in a statewide election means doom. Everyone likes a good fight, even within the party. Democrats could only find one candidate for the biggest seat in the state. Republicans, in contrast, were able to watch a thoroughly competitive primary involving six candidates have a healthy discussion about the issues. In addition, Democrats handed the treasurer’s seat over to the Republicans by failing to produce a nominee.”

    Not to mention no candidate for State Mine Inspector, uncontested legislative positions and lackluster coordinated statewide Democratic contrast on issues. Democrats concentrated on campaign tactics with very few campaigns painting visions of improvement in opportunities for education and jobs for a prosperous
    growing middle class.

    My neighbor asked me, ‘Who the hell is Fred Duval, what has he been elected to? Don’t you Democrats have someone with a record in office for us to look at?’
    I could go on and on but the real stinger is, “Two years ago, you Democrats were so excited about President Obama, putting millions on health care, now you are telling me to vote to re-elect Ron Barber to Congress. Isn’t that the same Congressman who is running away from President Obama and acting like he’s ashamed of what the Democrats are doing in Washington DC?”

    “No, I think I will sit this one out, call me again in a couple years if you can find some experienced candidates that truly believe in Democratic Values, fighters who see income inequality and who are willing to promote economic fairness willing to stand with hardworking Arizona families once again.”

    How much of the blame for apathy is ours?

    • Or, maybe displacing responsibility is just another Democratic trait we need to rid ourselves of. No matter the reason for not voting, it IS the non-voter’s fault. Only they can cast their ballot. They are to blame for the crap they leave in our doorsteps.

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